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Sports appreciation day

I wish the kids of today could have grown up when I did. There were no computers or video games to sit in front of all day. As kids we looked forward to weekends when we would grab our bats and gloves and meet all our friends at the ball field, which we walked about two miles to get to. We didn't have to worry about getting rides from our parents. We usually didn't have enough people to play a game, so games had to be made up. We would play games like Home Run Derby, 500, or if we had enough players, a real game. We did this all day. We didn't have to be home till the street lights came on, so why not play all day. We would emulate our favorite players of the era. Squatting at the plate like Pete Rose. Pitching with the reverse pivot off the mound like Luis Tiant. It was fun. Then when all the play was done, maybe we could get the Cincinnati Reds on one of the four local television stations. That is if we weren't too tired to actually get up and change the station. If it wasn't on tv, then the radio would come on, and I would listen till I fell asleep, rarely making it to the end of the game. Fortunately, there was a newspaper in the driveway the next morning. On the front page the Reds score would be posted at the top right of the page. I knew that if I saw that smiling face basball icon at the top of the paper, the news was good. The Reds had won! After eating a bowl of some sort of super sugar coated cereal, it was off to Scott's house down the street to see what time we were going to play that day.

Playing sports gave me a greater admiration for sports. The worst thing a kid could experience in my era was a rainy weekend. Of course then we would just have to think of something else to do. That was usually a game of some sort that we made up and usually played under the awning of my friends back porch.

A diiferent time, a different way. A different era of sports fan.

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Is it worth seeing the Reds for a weekend trip?

I got an e-mail last night from my Uncle in Ohio talking about Jay Bruce, and how impressive he was in his first two games. I began thinking to myself, "I wonder if my wife and I could go up for a Reds game this summer?" I haven't been in Ohio since 2003, and that was for my 20 year high school reunion. I did catch a game at GABP while I was there though. A loss to the Marlins no less, uggh! So again, thinking, is it worth the money to take a long weekend to CTown to see my last place Reds. Hmmm! Lets do the math

It is 407 miles from my home in North Georgia to Cincinnati. The car gets 22mpg highway, on about a 15 gallon tank. OK! Thats 814, just to get to the park in back, but have to stay in Dayton with family to save on hotel. Wait? Is it cheaper to stay in Newport than the extra 220 miles for two trips to ballparkl from Dayton? OK, have to do some more math?

OK, here it goes. Time to do some cipherin' as they say here in Joja! 

Gas - 3.89 a gallon - 1034 miles, rounded up to 1100 for Skyline and White Castle trips (crap,  forgot about that extra expense!) OK, back to the gas. 1100 miles/22mpg=50 gallons! wow that seems like a lot. OK so thats rougly $194.50 for gas. 4 tickets to a Reds game. They dont have to be great seats, Outfield or Upper deck don't matter. Lets see what they have? OK, splurge a little and get some decent seats for one game, and cheap seats for another. Couple of infield box seats for game one. $42 a piece. $84 bones. Couple of Moondeck seats for game two. $22 a piece. $44 for second game, OK. Have to park. Crap! OK, gonna figure $8 a day. Don't mind a little hike before the game. Another $16. Food at the ball park! Lets see. I have eaten nothing but Skyline and White Castle since arriving in Ohio. Wait! I did have a Marions pizza in Dayton my first night back (no charge there, haha! Uncle Paid!) Let's have the old standby. 2 dogs, 2 cokes, 2 peanuts. havn't been to the ball park in a while, I'm figuring I just dropped $16. OK, I can take it. OK, weekend series is over and dropped about $100 on eating out for two days. Not to mention the extra $5 had to spend on some Pepto-Bismol. So I had a good time, got to see some family in Dayton. Got to catch a couple of Reds games, win, lose or draw, doesn't matter. Stayed with family for free. Lets see if it's worth it!

  • Gas - $194.50
  • Tickets - $126.00
  • Food - non ballpark - $100.00 (I'm a fat guy)
  • Food ballpark - $32.00
  • Parking - $16.00
  • MIsc - $100 (wife shopping)
  • Pepto - Bismol - $5.00


Do I really love the Reds that much? Probably. Do I really miss my family that much? Probably not! Do I factor in what happens if it rains, and the game gets canceled?  I'm thinking this will take place in July. Hmmm, shouldn't be too hot in GABP in July. Only like sitting in a sauna. Damn! have to get someone to watch my Dogs!!! Forget it! Thank goodness for DirecTV and Air Conditioning! Good Luck Reds! I'll be cheering you from the living room!




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