Posted on: March 3, 2008 7:53 am

Golf Season?

Spring, the flowers start to bloom, the birds start to sing, and the dust can finally be cleaned off my golf clubs! I started playing golf in 1990, and lived in Florida. Golf was a year round sport. This past year I moved to the mountains of North Georgia and had to endure, what I call winter. I'm sure many of you from even further north would laugh at what I call winter, but it is still winter to me. I have never had to endure the browned out fairways, The abundance of leaves found just off the fairway (where I can usually start to look for my shots). I haven't known what it was like to have to hit foam golf balls in my unfinished basement. I love to play golf. I love to be outdoors, I had forgotten what winter was all about. I don't claim to be a great golf (11 handicap) but I am like a addict on methodone right now, I want the real thing, but know I can't have it! Oh, the sun will come out some days and tempt us with beautiful blue skys, until you open the door and the cold wind smacks you right in the face. Some people still play when it is like that, but not me. I could never understand how a guy can swing a golf club with four layers of clothing on, and gripe the whole round about how cold it is, and that he is playing terrible? I love the mountains of north Georgia. I have played some of the most scenic and beautiful courses imaginable. My home course is tucked in the mountains, with an abundance of wildlife as it has been deemed a nature preserve. It can even sometimes be distracting as to it's beauty, until Mother Nature takes it over in the winter. Oh how I need spring. I wonder how many people are like me? Sitting in their living rooms and occasionally clicking on this weeks PGA event, to catch the players in their short sleeves at Pebble Beach, Scottsdale or Doral. Not to see who was winning, but just to see what is to come in the next month or so. Hiking down the fairway on the greenest grass you have ever seen only to go find my ball off in the woods again. I have come to accept that I have an addiction. Come on Spring! I need my fix!!!!

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