Posted on: October 10, 2008 9:08 am

Would this solve the economic crisis? Or help?

On a normal week between my two personal vehicle I purchase about 35 gallons of gasoline every week. I would love to purchase less, but have quite a commute from my rural home. So at $3. 65 (average in Atl. as of 10/9/08) I will spend $125.75 a week on gas for both vehicles. Just over $500 a month for gas. Crazy! Why couldn't the government regulate the price of gas for a given amount of time, and subsidize that, instead of CEO's in the banking industry? We have seen how well that worked, AIG!

Anyway, if the price of gas could be subsidized to even take the price down to say $1.35 a gallon, then how much could we all save? I personally would save about $78 a week, or $312 a month. I am probably above average in my gas usage as compared to most people, but a saving of $312 a month would do me a world of good. I think this would also help many others too.

Forgive me iof this is wrong and maybe of some of you can correct me on this, but did the oil companies not make 600 billion in profits last quarter alone? How much would dropping the price of gas really hurt them?

I think this would allow for people to start driving on vacations again. Lower the cost of plane tickets. Maybe even allow for someone to somehing great like keep their electric or water turned on!


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